by Outlived

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released August 27, 2012

Recorded by Owen Davies @ Loud Noises Studio
Artwork by Chris Panatier



all rights reserved


Outlived Birmingham, UK

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Track Name: Cessation
When the world is looking down on me
I feel so pitiful
Burning holes with your eyes, through the back of my mind
Your anguish has left me here, in broken pieces

Never thinking of you again my mind is broken
Forever looking back on the past, I'm moving on

I'm living with out you
With ever wanting too

Always left behind because of the truth you left me with
Fighting off the causes you left for me to feed
Track Name: Anguish
Looking back on my life, on all the chances lost
Wasted time and worthless youth, never taking back
I've never wanted to be left alone
I feel I've wasted my time on this life

Never wanted to be the man that will rule your life
Always wanted to be in control of this

I'm never taking back the years I've lost
I've wasted them on my revolution
Never wanted to be that man

Always wanted to be in control of this
I run my own life

You cant control my life

I'm living dreams through the best days
I'm never looking back at your face
Track Name: Lose Control
Wondering through the mists of hell
To try and find myself
I've seen the darkest part of me
That's not who I wanna be

Everyday you cloud my mind
Distract me from the path ahead
You never give me piece of mind
The feelings that I had are dead

I know what I've seen
Taken from where ive been
Feeding off this wrath
Stuck on this dead end path

I've seen the darkest part of me
That's not the person I wanted to be