Demo 2013

by Outlived

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released February 11, 2013

Owen Davies at Loud Noises Studios



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Outlived Birmingham, UK

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Track Name: How It Feels
Don't patronise my problems when i know I'm doing wrong
I try to make it right, improve and carry on
But it's not easy when living in fear
I know in my mind that I've passed the worst and I'm near

Spoon feed me lies, blindfold my eyes
Leave me hopeless with these helpless cries
This hollow lifestyle your ignorance buys
You fucking fool, drop your disguise

You dont know how I feel, it's a constant suffering inside of me
The state you left me in no one can see
I pick myself up, grow stronger and leave you in tears

Leave you in tears

Feel my fucking pain
Track Name: Locked Down
Feeling fragile I don't want to be here
I bet you wish that the end is near
You knocked me down but I'm right back up
You hoped I cared but I don't give a fuck

I looked you right in the eye
Gave you that stare I feel stuck in my mind
Mentally vexed but I say I'm fine
Fuck your thoughts and what you believe in
Put the gun to your head I hope you're not breathing
You caught me just as I was leaving
This chain is locking me down
I'm stuck for now but I’ll break out the fucking ground

I'm Stronger than you thought
Do what I want on my own accord
I don't need to do what you say
Fuck these games you play

You try to mess with my head
And keep my thoughts locked down
You think you've got me all covered
That's not true

I know for a fact I'm stronger than you
I’ll break down these chains and smash right through
This fragile feeling doesn't belong
I’ll be free